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The Making of an Official Princess Outfitter

(A long tale, with a sweet wag or two)


Once upon a time there was a bambina. A bambina is a baby, but no ordinary baby. Bambinas are special. Because bambinas are baby girls. And girls have magic powers. They use these powers to spread hope, love, and kindness through all the lands.

This once upon a time is about a true Bambina Princess that turned into a Fairy Godmother…and she was from a far away land. Her name was Sawsan and her magical power was sewing. As she grew up, she used her magic all the time and she got very, very good at it. Ever since she was a little princess, she had a special talent for selecting fabrics, colours, and stitches. Her designs were so mode avant, that no one had ever seen them before. They say her sewing was so delicate, and so colorful, that she could sew designs on a butterfly’s wings. Whether she ever did so will forever remain a mystery, but that is the tale that everyone told.

What we do know for certain though, is that she used her powers to sew clothes on herself and for all her sibling princes and princesses. When she grew up she continued to sprinkle her magic through sewing the loveliest of accessories for her own children – those precocious bambinas – Haya and Tamara who eventually became Fairy Godmothers as well. Fairy Godmother Haya has her own twin bambina princesses named Sara and Noura.

Fairy Godmother Sawsan was able to create such strikingly adorable bows and headbands for these little grand-daughter bambinas that other mothers, mesmerized by their magic, began asking Fairy Godmother Haya and Tamara where they too could get these breathtaking bows for their own bambinas.

And suddenly, Bambinas Bows was born.

The Official Princess Outfitters for the most beautiful bambina princesses – just like yours.

Now the mother and daughter trio work harmoniously together like all powerful bambina princesses should. Through Fairy Godmother Sawsan’s magical creativity and talent, joy is spread to many families of bambina princesses all over the near and distant lands. Outfitted by bespoke Bambinas Bows, your princess can suddenly light up a room, a park, and even a palace.

Each meticulously detailed hairpiece in the Bambinas Bows collection is a one-of-a-kind work of art, crafted by hand using the proprietary wizardry Sawsan has refined over the years to ensure the ultimate in comfort, durability, and style. Passionate about making the very best hair bows, the Fairy Godmother Trio hand-selects premium fabrics, ribbons, threads and prints to provide an array of options, suitable for modern princesses during noble playtime, royal duties (like winning the hearts of their subjects while out and about), or even during your most cherished and memorable events and occasions (including formal and official matters of state).

Bambinas Bows is the perfect crown to accentuate your bambina princess’s natural beauty and charm. Outfit her today with classically elegant princess-wear from Bambinas Bows.

Bambinas Bows is a customer-centric and socially conscious business based in Austin, Texas. The company provides nothing short of an extraordinary experience, from their easy and straight-forward ordering process through helpful customer support.

In addition to caring for patrons, the company gives back by donating a portion of its proceeds to the Malala Fund to carry forward quality education for all princesses in all the lands around the world.